World Report - Social Problems Of Pakistan

Corrupt Welfare Organizations

In Karachi City, many illegal activities are even done by welfare organizations, hospitals, school and business firm, which is another common issue in this city. Mostly of these hospitals, schools, organizations and business firms use the name of charity to earn money. 

There are many welfare organizations who take thousands of dollars and ponds on the name of donation but that money is not used of the welfare purpose. It goes directly to their personal bank accounts. The international organization does not know where money will go and how its going to be used and for what purpose.

Many schools in Karachi are running on donation some of the international organization pays donation for the welfare of the students but that money is not used for any student. Many business firms are also started working for charity and to work for the welfare of needy people. 

A new way to market the company is going on a very high rate. They collect thousands of dollars from international organizations on the name of welfare and spend all the money for their private use. The money does not go any where near to any welfare organization. 

In same way hospitals take donation from many local and international welfare organizations for the welfare of the patients but there is no progress or any change have been seen in these hospitals. There are many individuals as well who are using this new trick to earn money and they organize fashion shows, or any thing for entertaining people and collect pretty good amount for their personal use. Now days, this has become a business opening schools, hospitals and welfare organization. 

The only people and organizations who can stop such organizations and individuals who are the donors themselves and law enforcement agencies. People are scared to do anything against them because people says those organizations are supported by political or by government personalities, the only person or organization that can do something about it are international organizations. They should monitor the matter by their-self that where their donation is going and how it's going to be used and should be done in a very strict way.

Compiled By IPC Research Wing 
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