World Report - Social Problems Of Pakistan

Human Right's Violation

In all around Pakistan open human right's violation is going on in different provinces since a very long time by fuddles families, police, intelligence and other law enforcement agencies in co-operated with political parties. 

In Pakistan mostly of the people who have high sources such as government sources, misuse their uniforms and ranks for private and illegal matters, this is how there are more killing of innocent people, kidnapping, arrests on private matters. 

The people who are the victims are mostly lower class and middle class people a person said he was stop for checking by two policemen on not founding anything suspicious they ask him for some money. He said why should I pay you for they said because we ask you to give us he said when I say not to them they beat me and took RS. 2000 from his violate he said the policemen threatened him to not to report anyone about this or he will be in big trouble, there are so many people who have experience these kind of situation many young boys reported to be arrested on no purpose and where forced to accept case of involving in violation's and case's they can't imagine to do, they where beaten up by police officers and said they where kept in jail for few week's they where not allowed to call home or to inform anyone after few week's when they where bailed they tried to report against those officers they found out that those police officers where backup by some political party and they where unable to do so, that is how more kidnapping is taking place, another case which is another common problem is for the motorcycle drivers some men said they were force to get of the motorcycle by traffic police or ordinary police officers and where seen again many violation are also done by women police department many girls says on the shopping they where forced to check their bags and on not founding anything they where forced to pay money to the police officers for no purpose at all, many young boy's and girl's are arrested by schools colleges and universities the public is scared to file a report on legal matter.

They say the police charge extra money for their private purpose and another most common problems for those people who are in favor of helping others. A person says, that was trying to help a person from a fuddles family. When he went to the police station to file a report instead of helping that person the police put him in the jail for reporting about a person with a high government source. The people who are in law enforcement agencies use their uniforms and ranks not to serve the public but to serve those who pay them high prices for making their illegal and private matters.


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