World Report - Social Problems Of Pakistan

Open Drug Markets

Many government, private organizations and individuals are working against drugs and trying to control this virus but are failed to do so which is spreading quickly not only a very poor and lower class but also in the higher class families. 

There are many open drug markets in Karachi City, one small market is at the area of Clifton on a few distance from the head quarter of anti narcotics force. On asking a drug seller, he said that there was no one to stop us as the police charges us money to allow us to sell drugs. The drug is not only use by very poor people of the society but its also used by young boys and girls from very rich families They say, mostly parents don't know about our habits but some parents who know about it. Don't care what's going on in their houses because they say they have so much money. Our parents don't mind when we do such things. 

The majority of people say, the drug sellers are supported by police and some other law enforcement agencies and that is why people are scared to report about this. They further say, they don't want to take any risk for people who are backup by many dangerous people.

The drug is also sold in many private and government schools, institutions, colleges and universities by boys and girls from high class families. One of the private college is AMI (Asian Management Institute) and a government college USG (Urdu Science College), these colleges reported to have students who are involved in drugs and narcotics. A 19 year old student of USG says the first time, one of his school friend offered him drug. He was scared to take it but his friend teaches him, how to take it and from that day he says, he is using drugs, mostly young about it and they say we give to our friends who can't afford it.

The people who want to stop or finish this problem, the only way to stop strictly those who are selling drugs or narcotics. 


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