World Report - Peace In South Asia

India and Pakistan have their destinies together and there is no way they can prosper without each other. There is a love-hate relationship due to half a century's mistrust.


South Asia is an geo-economic region with more superlatives than any other area in the modern world. While most of the world has changed, progressed and advanced South Asia has remained behind.

That is a fact and both should must admit it. The progress doesn't mean here only the techno urban progress but even in spirit we have degraded ourselves. The living proof of this can be seen daily on the streets in Karachi, Lahore, Delhi, Bombay, Chittagong, Colombo or even Katmandu.

Yes, We South Asians have grown up and done some tremendous advancements in various fields; yet we have failed miserably on most basic fronts like education, economy, industry, technology for public welfare and even on Internet services. 
Innumerable excuses are given for this scenario.

South Asia's Misery 
Our misery is not caused by over-population, lack of resources, lack of solutions or lack of people but by simply ignorance. We religiously ignore the realities and love to live in a dream world full of fantasy. The hyper imaginative mind of South Asians constantly work how can we run away from the misery around us.

The poverty, social and economic in-equalities become just political slogans and there is no genuine mass oriented system participated by all sections of society. Just a democratic form of electing a public office executive doesn't mean that we are truly democratic. This is a very basic democracy not a full blown democracy of West European states sort. What is the use of this democracy? What does it matter if the votes are given to one or the other; they all end up in the same root and they all corrupt by a mere name and picture in the media. The politician's backgrounds are never checked nor there credentials. A simple bureaucrat has to pass exams, test and interviews and a long agonizing wait while their supreme boss may be the most illiterate and crooked criminal; we accept him as a deity - an addition to our database of leaders. Is this democracy?

Shall we accept this reality? Yes we need to the whole scenario simply ignores and leaves aside the masses of South Asia. The people are nothing but used as fodder as basic raw material to keep the elite fine tuned and in great shape from all angles. Is this REEDOM?

We are still enslaved as we have been in last 1200 years by invaders, by ignorance, realization that we are the greatest and the best and the rest of the world is simply new civilization.

What use an ancient civilization has if we keep repairing our ancient buildings while we have 40 percent of our population virtually homeless. We have some big-mouthed intellectuals who are pathetically lost in un-ending, outdated and useless issues' debates and rhetoric while thinking nothing for future. The future planning or a thought for future is never in our agenda.

Yes. There is some change. But what we need is not change but a fresh view to review our priorities and ourselves constantly and change ourselves with the fast changing world. We understand that comparisons are absurd yet viewing from the most optimistic lens one can see that: Today South Asia – is the most under-valued, the most misunderstood region of the world.

Let us not deny this fact. The way things are in the sub-continent, this scenario will perhaps never change. We will remain more or less where we are or probably going to be a bit worse as the resources are limited and Scarce. 

Image of South Asia in the rest of the world People outside the region, have very mixed views of South Asia. Most people worldwide do not have a clear picture and the myths are circulated even by the most erudite reporters and media persons. 

A vast land with vast population with big metropolis, hungry and unhealthy people, underdevelopment and underachievement are the image known in most parts of the world. Except few counted genuine scholars of South Asia, most people do not have much idea about South Asian region. Even the so-called South Asian experts are simply drowned in the history and their knowledge is based on the written word mainly printed in the US or Europe SOUTH ASIAN COOPERATION We have not inter-acted closely with any of our neighbors and leaving our own support and markets we have been going worldwide to look for opportunities when in our own region; the potential is enormous. 

How many people really wanted this outcome? The life continues and now after 50 years of a hateful relationship, things are changing. Both nations have realized that it is very expensive to have each other as enemy and the 'conspiracy' of division is now appearing on the surface. The enormous loss of economic opportunities is not the only LOSS. Both countries have lost great opportunities of providing good lives for millions of their people - the proof being that South Asia has some of the poorest people on the earth. 

Despite a comfortable middle class minority - the masses still live in abject poverty. While millions of kid's can't get a decent education - billions are spent yearly to buy sophisticated armaments. The money, which should be spent on kids of the sub-continent, ends up in uplifting the life-style of arm-selling nations. The money spent by both neighbors each year on the defense is so enormous that if invested in local projects and education, the lives of hundreds of millions of people could be uplifted dramatically. 

The times have come to give a 2nd thought on these issues and both countries have enough number of people to influence their governments to stop the age-old enmity and bring about a new ambience of common interest. 

The problems of territories, religion and Kashmir are not the real cause of tensions between the two nations. The problems lie in many more fundamental issues, which need to be resolved by mutual dialog and discussion. 

Let us start a new chapter in this book of they said and we said and we are better they are worse. This is time of maturity and mature and educated people in both countries must come forward in big numbers and shake hands.

Compiled By IPC Research Wing
Under the Supervision of World Chairman - I P C


International Peace Commission

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