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Women Right's Violation

Women rights violation is an act in a very daring way here, in this society one of the most common case are reported by women of conservative, fuddles, religious extremist, highly rich and uneducated families people who are concerned by government officers. It is very simple way to use all these backgrounds against women in this society, a little detail about how these backgrounds are used against innocent women as follows.

There are thousands of community based in Karachi City from different backgrounds mostly of these communities, which are famous for their conservativeness and strictness such as Mamon, Delhi and Sindhi. Not every one can understand how they pressurize their women: 

1) they don't give right to their girls to go to school or to get any education. 
2) Since birth to death, girl is not allowed to take decision for herself. 

Young age marriages are one of the proof of these violations. These people doesn't allow their women to say anything about their marriage and are not allowed to marry outside their communities, if the seniors of the family do not find a better proposal as they think to be the one who has money and not education or a sense of understanding, the thing happened is that every girl is either get married with a baby boy or a very old age person or their concept is for marriage a girl with the Maulana. 

All these way of marriages are strictly not allowed in the religion of (Islam) but these people misuse the name of the religion doing it in an extreme way the concept of marriage a girl with a baby. When a girl does not get a proposal and cross the age limit what they have in mind. She gets married with a baby boy. Her responsibility is to take care of that baby till her death. 

What people of these families says is that the baby boy is supposed to be the share taker of the family fortune so why a girl could not get married and have to take the responsibilities, the same way marring a girl with a very old age person takes place, it is a matter of properties and family fortune and the marrying a girl with the Maulana takes place when a women becomes widow or didn't get any proposal when a women gets married with the Maulana. Her responsibility is to take care of him as a person for the rest of her life. 

Many girls from these communities are the witnesses the Maulana, a young girl from Lahore says that she belongs to a highly religious, fuddles and conservatives family. She also said that one of her aunty disagreed to marry where her father and brother force her. Father and her brother break her legs and decided that she will never go to marry with anyone and she also said about herself that day don't allow her to study more. She has just done her matric, her friend say that her nikkah is done which is the first face of marriage in Islam the friend of the girl also said she is forced to agree on this marriage and she is very unhappy about it, she also says that her friend's brother are very dangerous because they are in a religious party, many girl's from these communities are the witnesses of the happening in their communities they says they are force to leave school and to get married in young age. 

He can't do anything about it we too scared to do anything if we tired to do something our parents and brothers will kill us, can't ask for help from anyone because no one will listen to us, because of these problems there is much higher rate to schedule, run away and killing of innocent girl's many of girl's are killed by their own brothers and other family members not agree on marriages, by their in laws on family matters or in result become mothers in very young age some girls says they are pressurize mentally, physically and psychology to agree on what their family force them to do, they also say these violation happened behind close doors not much people from outside their community realize these happening because they say on one hand their families support them financially and on the other hand their family treat them like sheep. 

In these communities people don't care about all these problems and the people knows what's happening behind close doors are scared to do anything against these violations because they are scared of there backgrounds what is happening in their families for many years, the only people who can stop these problems are international welfare organizations and individual's because many women welfare organizations in Pakistan are scared to take action against those people because they says some of the families pay them donations and others have government sources and they don't want to close their organizations like that, but there is so much to do against people and to stop them by running many innocent lives.


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